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San Antonio Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Information
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At American Insurance Agency, we know that price is an important consideration for any policy.However, please note that all mobile home policies are not the same! We can customize a policy to suit your requirements. In most cases, there are upgrades available for a small premium. In the event of a claim, upgrades to your policy can provide a huge benefit if you have a claim. Please take a few minutes to discuss coverage options with one of our agents.

A mobile home policy has coverages that are intended for the special needs of a manufactured home. This type of policy will usually include the following coverage’s;

  • Damage caused by lightning or fire
  • Accidental and sudden smoke damage
  • Hurricane, windstorm and hail damage
  • Explosion and/or building collapse
  • Theft (if owner occupied)
  • Plumbing freezing, leakage, overflow including if from a household appliance)
  • Falling objects
  • Damage caused by a vehicle or aircraft
  • Home Loss Valuation

Policies will have a specific way of determining how a claim will be paid. The most common three options are listed.

  • Actual cash value – depreciation is taken into account and your settlement will probably not be enough to replace your damaged property with new property. The advantage is that this type of policy may be less expensive.
  • Agreed value – This is where the carrier agrees in advance that your home will be valued at the insured limit in case of a loss. This may be available as an option.
  • Replacement cost – The best type of policy. Claims are based on what it will cost to replace the damaged property (less deductible). The disadvantage is that the cost may be higher.

Personal Liability Coverage

The coverage pays for bodily injury to other people or damage to their property that you are obligated to pay, up to your policy limit. This may be an extra cost option and we suggest getting liability coverage.

Trip Coverage

May be an option and covers a loss that happens while the home is being moved. You would not need this if you are not moving a home.

Optional Coverages

Most carriers offer a variety of optional coverages. this is where you can tailor the policy how you want it. Here are some options that ay be available.

  • Replacement Cost – This could be available for home, contents, or both. These are very good options if available.
  • Full repair cost
  • Agreed value
  • Identity fraud expense coverage. Protects the growing problem of identity theft.
  • Scheduled personal property. Ask about this if you have special items to cover such as art, musical instruments, firearms, computer equipment or similar items. you may need the items to be appraised for this option.
  • Flood coverage. Some carriers offer this as standard or optional.
  • Other options may be available. Please ask your agent for options.

We want you to get a mobile home insurance policy that meets your needs at an affordable price. Please ask one of our trained agents for more detailed information.

Disclaimer. This is intended only as general information. The policy itself should be read for coverages and exclusions.

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